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You Already Love Vermont.

You’ve thought (maybe even daydreamed) of the many joys a life in Vermont would hold for you and your family.

If you have a business elsewhere, we’ll help you accomplish BOTH your dreams—running your own successful business, and running it from an idyllic place, one you’d love to call home. That place is Manchester, Vermont.

What Manchester Offers You

Aside from a beautiful setting in the Green Mountains, and the romance a lifestyle that might include cross-country skiing to work, or sunset bike rides on a hilltop ridge, there are some very compelling reasons to shift your business and your life to Manchester.

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If you have children (or are thinking about it), you’ll quickly appreciate the superior quality of our schools. Look at the websites of the local and area schools Manchester Elementary Middle School, Burr & Burton Academy, Long Trail School, The Dorset School, Maple Street School, The Mountain School and others in surrounding towns. Don’t take our word for it, though. Visit independant ratings websites, such as greatschools.org or visit the Vermont Dept of Education website to learn more.

Manchester has continued to evolve with the business community foremost in our minds. In the past few years we have reconfigured our downtown intersections to be more user-friendly and efficient to tourists and residents alike. We have instituted free Wi-Fi on Main St and the 11/30 corridor and plan to continue expanding. For a small town, we have big plans, evidenced by our own Economic Development Office, and a stunning, new, expanded Chamber of Commerce.

We are close enough to the metropolitan centers you still love, so you can always go for a weekend:

  • 4 Hours to NYC
  • 4 hours to Montreal
  • 3 Hours to Boston

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Manchester’s population is educated (more than 40% have advanced or professional degrees), and you can find the workforce you need right here. In addition, people love to live here, so the population is stable.

We have a sophisticated lifestyle with a multiplicity of ethnic restaurants, art & cultural venues, sports opportunities (3 ski mountains within a snowball’s throw, the only US branch of the British School of Falconry, 8 golf courses nearby, a world-famous trout stream flows through town, and so much more).

We have international airports that serve our area in Albany, NY; Hartford, CT; Burlington, VT and Rutland, VT.

Our community is very supportive of arts, literary, and social services non-profits. If you get satisfaction out of helping others, or find it a joyful way to meet other like-minded people, you’ll love the opportunities to make a difference that abound here.



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