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The State of Vermont has many programs, offices, departments and agencies dedicated to making business better in Vermont. Locally, our own Chamber of Commerce leads the way, while in Bennington County, the Bennington County Industrial Corp is our regional resource. Don’t overlook their “Cost of Doing Business” Challenge. The BCIC feels that no place can offer you a better deal, and they’ve offered to put it to the test.

In the past decade, Vermont has netted over $30M in federal income tax credits. These credits stimulate private investment, create jobs, restore historic buildings and jump start the revitalization seen in Vermont’s Designated Downtowns and Village Centers. Projects range from small bed and breakfasts and rental apartments to multimillion dollar downtown redevelopments. In addition, The State of Vermont offers incentives to encourage business recruitment, growth, and expansion through the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive program (VEGI).

The Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA) is Vermont’s economic development finance lender. VEDA manages a wide range of low-cost lending programs for eligible Vermont businesses of all sizes, including manufacturing, research and development, information technology, travel and tourism, agricultural, and other enterprises as defined in statute.

Tech companies will be especially interested in the Vermont Emerging Technologies Center.

BUSINESS in Manchester VT - like nowhere else!